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Regulatory Compliance

QD Vision strives to design and ship products that are compliant with international chemical and environmental regulations. As a maker of optical components that contain novel chemicals, we proactively research and address certain regulations that are of particular relevance to our products or our customers’ products. For example, our display and lighting component products are compliant with TSCA in the US, RoHS and REACH in the EU, and similar regulations of which we are aware in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China.  Our products can also be disposed of without special requirements in all of the mentioned jurisdictions. 

QD Vision is designing its materials and technology solutions to provide for a safer and greener environment. In recognition of its efforts to promote a clean environment, QD Vision in 2009 was an AlwaysOn Going Green 50 winner and was named the Emerging Clean Energy Company of the Year by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Council.