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Multi-Billion-Dollar Market Opportunity

QD Vision's Color IQ™ product platform is targeted at major commercial opportunities in LCD televisions, monitors, and other mobile displays. The company is partnering with firms designing LED-based televisions and displays to deliver vibrant, dynamic color that achieves 100 percent of the NTSC standard. 

These initial applications alone represent an addressable market exceeding $2 billion by 2014 for quantum dot-based components.

QD Vision's superior product performance makes its Color IQ optical components ideal for numerous lighting and display applications. The optics deliver such benefits as:

Color gamut performance that achieves 100% of the NTSC standard.

The color performance of OLED TVs at a price comparable to typical LCD TVs.

Color Purity: Highly saturated, precisely tunable color.

Stability: Inherent material reliability and color balance stability.

Design Flexibility: Thin structures that can be efficiently used for many display sizes.