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Environmental Benefit


QD Vision is an ISO 14001 certified corporation committed to developing products through responsible design that will have a net benefit to the environment. Color IQ is our quantum dot (QD)-based product platform that when compared with existing technologies that power LCD displays and lighting products, results in a net decrease in several environmental pollutants such as carbon dioxide, Mercury, and Cadmium.

Color IQ eliminates the need for mercury in LCD TVs and lighting, with corresponding benefits both to product safety and environmental impact. In addition, our products enable more efficient, usable light production per input power, and  less electricity is consumed, and less carbon dioxide is produced.  Finally, it can be proven that the reduction in Cadmium waste and air emissions from reduced fossil fuel electricity generation offsets by more than 100 times the small amount of Cadmium that goes into a Color IQ product. The net benefits to heavy metal and carbon footprint make Color IQ a pollution preventing product.

Another notable environmental benefit of QD Vision’s products are the elimination or reduction of the need for rare earth metals (REMs), such as Yttrium and Europium, in both lighting and display products. These relatively scarce and expensive elements are largely mined and controlled by China and Russia, and hence listed as two of the most critical materials by both the US and the EU. While several nations of the world are starting to stockpile these materials, Color IQ optics simply eliminate the need for them in lighting and displays. 

Finally, QD Vision has also done the necessary testing to show that there is no nanoparticle release from the material when subjected either to simulated environmental fluids or abrasion of the raw material itself. Because of a Zinc-rich coating that QD Vision applies to the surface of every single nanoparticle, we have also shown that there is no heavy metal leachate when the material is subjected to EPA standardized tests.