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Color IQ™

QD Vision's Color IQ™ is an innovative semiconductor nanocrystal technology that precisely emits light to produce bluer blues, greener greens and redder reds. LCD TVs and monitors with Color IQ™ produce a more dynamic range of colors and can show the true natural palette encoded in the picture.

Color IQ™ enables breakthrough performance without the cost/performance trade-offs typical of other materials and lighting technologies. It utilizes the unique light-emitting properties of semiconductor nanocrystals to deliver a new value proposition for LED-based products, including extraordinary color quality, manufacturing versatility and design flexibility.


Color: Color IQ™ optics emit pure, finely-tuned colors, enabling better color saturation and color rendering than other technologies in LCD TVs. Most LCD TVs available today offer size and definition at the expense of color, using a smaller color gamut that only achieves 60-70 percent of the NTSC standard. With Color IQ™ optics, LCD TVs and other displays can achieve 100 percent of the standard. The result – vibrant, dynamic, you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it color.

Quantum Light™ Color

Cost: Quantum dot materials are inherently efficient light emitters, enabling improvements in bills of material and reduced manufacturing complexity for most types of displays and solid-state lighting products. As a result, Color IQ™ technology lowers the overall cost of production.

Design:  Color IQ™ optical components open up new possibilities in the design and manufacture of consumer and industrial products, including the potential for extremely thin displays and compact lighting fixtures.