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QD Vision releases whitepaper: Explaining why Color Matters for LCD TVs.

Sony’s “BRAVIA” LCD Televisions with QD Vision's Color IQ optic named Best of 2013 Consumer Electronics Show by Tech Radar. Says the content demonstrated on the TVs "looked brilliant."

Color IQ™

QD Vision’s Color IQ™ optics produce brilliant, vibrant color for LCD TVs, LCD monitors and mobile device displays. Employing a new class of nanomaterials called quantum dots, Color IQ™ delivers unparalleled color performance at a superior value. While most LCD TVs and displays offer color quality that meets only 60-70 percent of the NTSC standard, products using Color IQ™ optics can achieve 100 percent of the standard. The result – the most radiant reds, brilliant blues and gorgeous greens you will ever see. More>>







With Color IQ™ (Simulation)

With Color IQ™ (Simulation)

QD Vision’s Color IQ™ is an innovative semiconductor nanocrystal technology that precisely emits light to produce a far more natural and vivid viewing experience.

Without Color IQ™ (Simulation)

Without Color IQ™ (Simulation)


Prior to Color IQ™, LCD TV designs have had to sacrifice color quality typically only delivering 60-70% of the NTSC color standard. The result – duller images and less color.